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Aainah Gifts and Novelties offers a selection of pashmina shawls, stoles silk products, souvenirs, handcrafts, wall hang ups and home furnishings. Located on the Souk Upper Level in the Morrocan quarter Throughout the four quarters of Khan Murjan you'll find various shops and vendors from across the Arab world. The souk has been an integral part of Arabic life for centuries; every major city has one. Our own is inspired by an infamous ancient subterranean souk in Baghdad, and draws on all four corners of the Arab world, with influences from Egyptian, Syrian, Turkish and Moroccan architectural styles. The majestic stained glass window that dominates the ceiling took a team of skilled craftsmen many months to create, using types of glass especially selected from mosques and temples across the Islamic world. It's one of the largest windows of its kind and is a sight no visitor to Dubai should miss.test

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