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Located some 250 kms west of Abu Dhabi city, Ruwais Industrial and Housing Complex is developed by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) as a major contributor to the national economy and represents a series of multi million dollar investments by the company. The story of Ruwais began in 1970’s when plans were laid to transform a remote desert site into a self-contained industrial town geared to fulfilling the downstream requirements of Abu Dhabi’s booming oil and gas industry. Centered around Ruwais Refinery, the complex was officially inaugurated in 1982 by Abu Dhabi’s visionary ruler the Late H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. From a small fishing headland Ruwais today is one of the most modern industrial complexes in the Middle East, home to around 30,000 people of which some 20,000 reside within ADNOC’s Ruwais Housing Complex. Located adjacent to the Ruwais Housing Complex, Ruwais Mall will be the only community shopping mall catering to the Western Region. The Mall will house retails stores along with a variety of leisure and entertainment facilities aiming to attract an affluent clientele. Ruwais Mall will be a treat to the neighborhood with its variable mix of stores ranging from fashion, footwear, bags & accessories to jewelry, watches, cosmetics, services, casual dining, cafes, cinemas, bowling alleys, family entertainment center and an ice rink. The Mall is pitched to enhance the quality of lifestyle of Ruwais’s resident community by giving them a destination to shop, mingle, relax and unwind.test

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